Total Knee Replacement Surgery

A total knee replacement is now a well established surgical procedure and is useful in providing pain relief and restoring joint function in patients with well established tri-compartmental arthritis. The overall success rate is between 85-90%. Total knee replacement surgery is now been performed at the centre through advanced techniques which include minimally invasive knee surgery as well as computer assisted (navigated) techniques. Major joint replacement surgery does carry with it certain risks, which include infection, deep vein thrombosis, stiffness and lost of function. The overall risks of such problems is approximately 1%. One of the main problems with regards to knee replacement surgery was the long term results and the durability of the prosthesis. The main cause of loosening of knee replacements has now been shown to be due to malalignment of the various components of the prosthesis itself. This has now been overcome through computer assisted surgery, which allows accurate positioning of the components. After performing total knee replacement surgery it takes an average of about 6 weeks for individuals to feel reasonably functional and at this stage individuals feel about 75% improvement. The outcome of knee replacement surgery relies heavily on a well regulated and dedicated knee rehabilitation programme. This can be achieved with the help of the Physiotherapist in the "knee school". (Knee replacement surgery is a successful operation for arthritic conditions of the knee but requires patient motivation, an excellent physiotherapy programme and an accurate surgical technique).

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