Sport certainly has become "a way of life" and more and more people are now taking up sport and are participating in a variety of outdoor activities. There are a number of clinical conditions that can affect the athlete who participates in sport either at a recreational, competitive or even professional level. So whether one is playing a friendly game of basketball, skiing down the slopes of Nakiska or even having a friendly game of flight-deck cricket, sport injuries do occur.

As a specialist Sports and Military Surgeon I have had the unique opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of sports injuries. In addition I have worked with a number of professional teams including the Calgary Flames in Canada, the Dinos, the Varsity Football Team in Calgary and I am currently Honorary Club Surgeon to the Walsall Football Club.

The spectrum of sports injuries is wide and it would be impossible to discuss all of them in detail in this section. However, commonly occurring sports injuries are listed below:

  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • Chronic leg pain in the athlete
    • Tibial stress syndrome
    • Medial Tibial periostitis
    • Chronic compartment syndrome
  • Internal derangement of the knee and ligament ruptures
  • Internal derangement of the shoulder and chronic instability of the shoulder
  • Internal derangement of the ankle and chronic ligament instability
  • Articular cartilage injuries

A detailed description of a number of the above pathologies can be viewed on the various video links that you can see on this website, but the more common injuries and the treatments are described within this section

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