Trevor Shakespeare

I was referred to Mr. Pimpalnerkar in July 2015 after many years of problems with my right knee. Following the initial consultation it became apparent that I had a major problem with my right hip in addition to the knee. Mr. Pimpalnerkar was very understanding of the frustrations caused as I was rapidly losing the ability to enjoy a lifestyle that I had taken for granted for many years; walking, competitive motorcycling and cycling.

My right hip was replaced Oct. 2015 and following recovery from that operation my right knee was replaced in Mar. 2016.

Both procedures were carried out by an excellent Surgeon who inspired confidence, keeping me well at ease throughout pre- and post-operative times. As a result I am very pleased to be able to get back to activies which were starting to become mere memories. If more similar procedures were to become necessary I would be more than happy for Mr. Pimpalnerkar to carry them out. Many thanks to you and all your team.

Thank You for all your assistance in the work you have carried out and best of luck with the USA bike ride.

Best Regards

Trevor Shakespeare

Roy Swinbourne

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