Sandra Humphries

I suffered for several years with osteoarthritis in both knees. The thought of surgery made me very anxious and apprehensive.

I realised I would have to have something done when, on holiday in France with my husband, I was unable to walk very far and could not enjoy sightseeing around the villages, chateaux or vineyards. On one particular occasion, after persuading my husband to go to a chateau, I just sat in the car and cried.

Mr Pimpalnerkar was recommended to me by my daughter who had met him professionally through her work.

From our first meeting Mr Pimpalnerkar made me feel very comfortable and at ease and he inspired confidence. Most importantly he listened to me and understood the frustrations I felt. Everything about knee replacement operations was explained to me and I agreed to go ahead as I felt I was in good hands.

My first operation took place at the end of October 2008. It was a complete success and my aftercare was second to none.

The second operation, which I no longer feared having done (a feat in itself!), took place in February 2009 - again this was a complete success.

I am now able to walk (and enjoy it) without the severe pain I was previously experiencing. I can cycle too and am now looking forward to doing so much more when I retire at the end of September!

I cannot thank Mr Pimpalnerkar enough for his kindness, expertise and care before, during and after my operations. I have also had the added bonus of having my legs straightened, so much so I have now regained the extra inch I'd lost as my legs began to deform!

If asked would I have the operation again? The answer, without a doubt, would be yes - as long as I was under the care of Mr Pimpalnerkar.

Sandra Humphries

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