"I injured my knee in a collision whilst playing football. After a year of pain and discomfort and not being able to do exercise without my knee swelling up it was evident that it wasn't getting any better. I was referred to Mr Pimpalnerkar and as soon as I met him I was put at ease. After trying Physiotherapy with not much improvement he decided to go ahead with a knee arthroscopy. I now have a diagnosis of chondromalacia and Mr P cleaned my kneecap up and removed debris from the cartilage wear. I now take supplements to help with my cartilage and I'm getting back into running and football. I have also now started to play golf as I am able to rotate and bend my knee more than I could before having surgery without getting pain!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Pimpalnerkar to anyone needing knee surgery. He is a fantastic surgeon who made me feel at ease throughout the whole process (I was very anxious about surgery). If I ever need help with my knee in the future I will definitely be contacting him.

Thanks Mr P!"



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