Rex Reginald

Having served 22 years in the Army and served with the Airborne Forces I kept myself extremely fit. However, as time went on my knee joints started to feel the strain of all the parachuting, running and sport.

In 2005 I was referred to Mr Pimpalnerkar, Surgeon Cdr. Royal Navy, as I was experiencing pain in my left knee. He carried out an Arthroscopy on my knee, trimming the offending part of my cartilage, after which I was totally pain free.

A few years later I then started to have swelling and pain in my right knee and I again had a consultation with Mr. Pimpelnerkar who later decided that I needed a total knee replacement. Mr Pimpalnerkar carried out this surgery in February 2008, again very successfully, and now I am pain now free in both my knees. I am once again able to resume training at my gym.

Mr Pimpalnerkar is very polite and charming and has a great sense of humour. As a Naval Surgeon he had what I call the 'forces sense of humour' and my consultations with him were a pleasure.

I thank Mr Pimpalnerkar for his professionalism and the excellent surgery he performed on me and the after care I received.

Rex Reginald

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