Matt Bray

I first saw Mr Pimpalnerkar for a problem with my knee in August 2005. In between appointments I managed to break my right leg just above the ankle playing a pre-season trial rugby match. At my next appointment, later that week, Mr Pimpalnerkar diagnosed the displaced fracture and I was treated immediately at Little Aston Hospital. He operated the following day and pinned the bone. Without this course of treatment my sporting days would have been cut short, with little hope of ever playing rugby again in the future.

Mr Pimpalnerkar operated again after 6 months to remove the metalwork and I was able to play in the cup game at the end of the season, which we won!

Mr Pimpalnerkar has since fixed my knee, and I've seen him for shoulder problems which have been resolved without the need for surgery.

I am extremely grateful to Mr Pimpalnerkar for his expertise and support in keeping me on the rugby pitch for the past 3 years.

Matt Bray

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