Mark Simpkin

I am a Charge Nurse on a very busy Intensive Care Unit and I lead a busy life which includes regular gym sessions, running twice a week 10 miles a day and doing marshal arts which I am approaching my black belt. Three years ago I injured my knee quite badly and it was obvious that I had done some serious damage on account of the immediate pain and swelling that developed in the joint. My knee was a mess and Mr Pimpalnerkar made no qualms that I would need surgery in the form of an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and repair of a torn cartilage (meniscus). I am now writing 3 years on and am pleased to say that my knee has returned to normal and has enabled me to return to my normal sporting activities.

I am now back at work full time and with regards to my knee I have not looked back at all. I cannot thank Mr Pimpalnerkar enough for the excellent job done to restore my normal life to me.

Mark Simpkins

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