Jane Jones

Both of my shoulders were operated on by Mr Pimpalnerkar ( Mr P) in 2004 & 2005.

A more compassionate & considerate gentleman I do not believe you would come into contact with. Although my treatment was in the private sector, it is my belief that his NHS patients are affording the same care aaa7 consideration.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this incredibly clever gentleman to anyone.

Ken Jones

I first came in to contact with Ashvin (Mr P) after my second consultant Mr Elsafty retired. He took over my knee treatment in 2004.

He did a full set of X-rays on both knees & decided to do an arthroscopy on my Left Knee.

On examination he said, It was very badly worn (Mr Elsafty had done two previous arthroscopies on my Left Knee).

But as I was not having any unnecessary pain & discomfort to soldier on until I was 60 years old (2008).

But we would still monitor the situation.

In 2008 he did a further full set of X-rays on both Knees, with the conclusion that he needed to operate, especially the Left which I injured playing Rugby for Erdington against Birmingham Police. 1967

I tore the Right Coruscate& Medial Ligaments completely in half (Mr Harrison Consultant Surgeon at the General Hospital (now The Children's Hospital Birmingham). He had sewn these back together with stainless steel thread.

I had my Left Total Knee Replacement (NIRS) Non Invasive Robotic Surgery in May 2008 (12 weeks recovery period) & Right Total Knee Replacement September 2008 (12 weeks recovery period).

I have worked full time ever since my present job Security (NEC) means standing on legs for a 12 hour shift. Whereas before the operations I shrugged to complete a round of Golf.

I have since walked around New York, London & I am playing Golf again, pain free.

I have the upmost respect & confidence in Mr Pimpalnerkar (Mr P)


I must give my sincere thanks to all his team Physiotherapists, Tony & Troy & all the Nursing Staff at Little Aston & Nuffield Hospitals Last but not least thanks to Sarah Morris Mr P's Secretary for Care & Consideration during my treatment.

Jane and Ken Jones

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