Jason Holland

I was referred to see Mr Pimpalnerkar in April 2007 after having long standing problems with my shoulder. As a father of 3 children I was finding it extremely difficult to do things with them and was also unable to participate in my normal sport which is golf. On my visit with Mr Pimpalnerkar it was explained to me that my shoulder was unstable and that the tissues around the shoulder were quite loose. I had my operation done as a day case procedure and had my shoulder immobilised in a sling for a couple of weeks after which time I started an intense rehabilitation programme.

I more or less returned to my normal day to day activities within 6 weeks of the operation and managed to return to a full level of fitness at home as well as at work within 3-5 months of the operation. My quality of life has improved and so has my golf swing. The surgery has knocked at least 10 off my score and my Golf Tutor has said how much more aligned my body looks than prior to surgery.

I am glad I had the surgery and a big thank you to Mr Pimpalnerkar for his expertise.

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