Donald H Provost

I first hurt my right knee when I fell down an open hatch on a yacht. Some years later I had a similar accident and ended up in plaster for two weeks. As a Pharmacist I have spent over 50 years standing behind a counter, which played havoc with my knees. When I could no long stand the pain I was very lucky to be referred to Mr Pimpalnerkar by my GP.

After just a few weeks wait the day of my consultation arrived. It was very pleasing to be seen on time by a charming and polite Surgeon who was not only interested in my knees but also in me as an individual and happy to talk about himself and the type of procedures he carries out. He decided a total knee replacement was the best answer. Some weeks later it was nice to meet him again on the day of the operation to have the limb duly marked to ensure no mistake. In theatre, after starting to count to 10, I woke up in bed with no pain – bliss. Four days later I was discharged from the Hospital and then the work began six weeks of exercise and ice, lots of exercise and ice and more exercise and ice.

The net result is a knee with plenty of movement, a very nicely healed wound and no pain.

Some six months later Mr Pimpalnerkar carried out a second total knee replacement on my other knee again very successfully.

I can only thank him and his staff for their kindness, help and for doing a wonderful operation.

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