Clive Mantle

I badly ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament whilst filming a sword fight for the BBC in Birmingham. It was a terrible blow to me as I was due to return to Everest Base Camp a month later in November 2003 to lead a large charity trek. I had never been fitter in my life and the only good thing about the accident was that it happened within Mr Pimpalnerkar's jurisdiction. He was calm, clear and confident from the outset and never for one second did I feel that anything but a successful outcome would result. I had a completely successful patella tendon reconstruction and after a second period of rehabilitation I was back filming by the following July. In fact, the knee that he operated on seems far stronger than my non injured one.

I found when I finally returned to the Himalayas to tackle the Annapurna Circuit that I continually led with it. It was so superior in performance to my non injured knee.

The follow up consultations after the operation were thorough and very helpful and his instructions and exercise guidelines clear and easy to follow.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Pimpalnerkar and I found him a very calm and comforting expert at a very upsetting time and his skill in the field is obvious from my personal experience.

Clive Mantle

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