Chris Rawlins

I injured my knee at a polo match at Smiths Lawn, not playing just watching, maybe too much pimms? My doctor sent me to see Ashvin Pimpalnerkar (I can't pronounce his name either) who told me I had a meniscal tear and I needed an operation to put it right.

I was in shock as it was right in the middle of my showing season, I drive a professional Coach and Team of four horses in the uk and Europe and could not be out of action as my year would be ruined, he said not to worry as he would have me in and out within a day and running marathons within 2 weeks (we all know the old joke this guy must be good because I couldn't run marathons before)

I was admitted in Birmingham on the Wednesday, the day before the last ever Royal Show at Stoneleigh, I had my op under a general anaesthetic and walked or maybe limped out the same day went straight to the show. The next morning my team helped me on the carriage as my knee was a bit sore but vary usable and we went on to win the class and became the Champion Team at the last ever Royal Show.

Now where did I leave my running shoes?!!

Thanks DR whatever your name is

Chris Rawlins

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