Brian Rimmer

I am a Golf professional, and back in2011 I injured my right shoulder, which was very painful and distressing at the time, and my immediate concern was, I would not be able to play any tournament golf again.

I went to see Mr Pimpalnerkar, as he had been recommended highly, and thankfully I did, he was fantastic.

He diagnosed the problem straight away and explained the necessity in surgery, and all the physio I would need after and how long it would take me to recover to get back to playing competitive golf again.

His calm and caring manner put me at ease and I knew straight away I was in the best hands. I couldn't have asked for more care, leading up to surgery, and in the few months following my surgery from Mr Pimpalnerkar.

I was back playing golf in a few months and still playing with no pain, I can't thank Mr Pimpalnerkar enough, and would highly recommend anyone who has a problem to see him first.

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